Callie Smith

Callie Smith is a content specialist for the Motoring team at 4Ps Marketing and works on behalf of . Ever since its foundation in 1897, the RAC has been consistently at the forefront in developing motoring services, ranging from the familiar and much appreciated roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown, to legal and technical advice and up-to-the-minute travel information.
Potholes are a massive problem on UK roads, and getting worse each year

Potholes and politics

What does a new Conservative government mean for British motorists? Will we finally see a proper strategy to address the country's worsening pothole problem, or simply more empty promises like every other government in history?
Learner driver education and training, UK

Is better driver education the key to improving road safety?

Should the minimum driving age be raised, or is better driving education and training a better answer to improving road safety levels on our roads?

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