New finance offers across DS model range

4.9% APR and a range of deposit contributions available


DS Automobiles has announced a range of finance offers to try and boost its third-quarter sales, with a range of deposit contributions available on PCP deals for new DS 3, DS 4 and DS 5 models.

The company will be hoping to pull more punters into showrooms after a disappointing first half of the year, with sales down 45% on the first half of 2016.

The PCP offers are all based on a 4.9% representative APR, which is decent but not outstanding in the current car finance market. All offers also require a minimum 15% deposit from the customer.

DS 3 models have deposit contributions ranging from £1,000 for Connected Chic specifications up to £3,500 for DS 3 Elegance models. DS 3 Performance models do not get any deposit contribution (although you’ll probably get a few hundred quid if you ask for it).

DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback models are available with a £2,800 deposit contribution, including limited-edition models like the DS 4 Crossback Terre Rouge and the DS 4 Crossback Moondust.

DS 5 models get a £2,950 deposit contribution and also require a minimum 20% deposit from the customer.

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The Executivecondominium says… always check the fine print on finance offers

DS Automobiles refers to a personal contract purchase as “Elect 3”. Confusingly, its leasing agreements are called “Elect 4” and the DS website homepage prioritises the leasing offers rather than the PCP finance offers.

The deals are advertised with an APR of 4.9% representative, with a fixed interest rate that is also 4.9%. That means that there should be no fees anywhere on the finance agreement (apart from excess mileage fees).

The offers set out on the DS website are only examples, and you are entitled to adjust the term, deposit and annual mileage to suit your own needs. The annual mileage used in all of the examples provided is only 6,000 – which is lower than most people drive in a year, so bear that in mind. Some of the examples do not actually show the annual mileage, which is very naughty and is a breach of FCA standards. You have to go into the terms and conditions page to find the mileage, rather than having it displayed as part of the offer.

Excess mileage fees are not advertised but are likely to be about 10p/mile. That’s £100 for every 1,000 miles you go over your limit, so make sure you allow yourself enough mileage when setting up your finance agreement.

The finance deal only applies to new cars, which does not include dealer demonstrators or pre-registered cars.

Cars have to be sold and delivered by 30 September 2017. That means you can get one now with a 17-plate, or wait until September and get one with the new 67-plates that start from 1 September. If you are planning to keep the car for three years or less, you may be better off waiting for the 67-plates, as it may be worth more at the end of the agreement.

The finance offers are provided through DS Automobiles dealers by PSA Finance UK. If a dealer offers you a finance deal that does not match these details or from another lender, it is not part of this offer.

As with any car purchase, work out your budget before you visit the showroom and don’t be persuaded to go beyond it – regardless of what the smiling sales executive suggests. They don’t have your best interests at heart, but The Executivecondominium does!

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DS finance offers from now until September 2017

Stuart Masson
Stuart Masson
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