Ford updates Mondeo hybrid models


From 2019, Ford will update its Mondeo hybrid petrol-electric model and add an estate version to the existing saloon.

Ford is yet to release prices and specifications for the updated model, however the current Mondeo hybrid saloon is priced from £25,595. As is normal, the estate version is expected to cost about £1,000 more.

Drivetrains for the 2019 Mondeo hybrids will consist of an electric motor that is paired to a 2.0 litre petrol engine. A generator enabling regenerative charging of the 1.4kWh battery, combined with regenerative braking technology, will allow the system to capture up to 90% of the energy lost through braking to replenish the battery.

Capable of a pure electric mode, the hybrid powertrain delivers 187hp and, like most hybrid and electric vehicles, is mated to an automatic continuously-variable transmission (CVT).

The Mondeo hybrid will include other features to help drivers get maximum efficiency from their vehicles, including Ford’s Smartgauge interface for monitoring fuel and energy consumption and electric power steering.

Electricity will also power the air-conditioning, powertrain cooling and vacuum systems that significantly reduce drag (and therefore improve economy) on the petrol engine.

We’ll have more information as the updated Mondeo hybrid gets closer to its UK introduction.

Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid
Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid

Callum Poole
Callum is a recent Graduate from Coventry University and is a journalist writing for The Executivecondominium. While still new to the industry, he is not short of enthusiasm and love for automobiles.

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