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2015 vw beetle – window regulator broken. Arnold Clark won’t replace.

Home Forums Any Other Business 2015 vw beetle – window regulator broken. Arnold Clark won’t replace.

This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Avatar M Swann 1 month, 4 weeks ago.

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    craig kerr

    I need your advice please.

    My 2015 VW Beetle has a defective window regulator on the driver’s side. I reported it to the dealer I bought it from – Arnold Clark – in Jan 2018 and they confirmed that it sounded as if it was a window regulator fault.

    They took the vehicle in during January 2018 but said there was no fault. When I booked the car in for its 2nd service in July 2018 (under a care plan I paid for at time of purchase) they asked me if I had any concerns that they wanted me to look at. I told them that I was still having an intermittent fault which they had previously told me was window regulator related, but again they said that the fault wasn’t visible when they tested it.

    You can probably guess the next part! The VW 2 year warranty expired August 2018 and last week the window failed. Arnold Clark checked it out and have confirmed that I need a new window regulator which wouldn’t be covered by the now lapsed manufacturers warranty so they asked me to pay £350 for the supply and fit of!

    I asked them to review the vehicle history and they confirmed that they have notes on the file relating to this specific defect and Arnold Clark reconsidered and offered 30% off as goodwill in a later phone call.

    Do you think that Arnold Clark should have replaced the window regulator within the 2 year warranty period? I’ve logged a call with VW Customer Care and they have appointed a case manager who will call me next week at some point after investigating the issue.

    Where do I stand under the Consumer Rights Act? Thanks in advance of your advice. CK

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Craig. The problem was declared under the car’s three-year new car warranty, so Volkswagen should take ownership of the problem and fix it.

    As you’ll find if you spend some time looking around this forum, Arnold Clark doesn’t have the best reputation for customer service, so it’s not a surprising story. You should be able to get the whole cost of the repair covered since the problem was declared twice under warranty and the dealer has noted your reporting of the problem, but it sounds like they are going to make you fight for it.

    Editor, TheCarExpert.co.uk and

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    M Swann

    I have just read an article regarding the window regulators on VW Beetle 2015.(Is there a fault on the window regulators?).Ive had the drivers side regulator replaced last month & I now have my Beetle booked in to replace the passemger side.The car has 19,000 miles on the clock,(£400 repairs should this be a VW recall?).Its my 3rd VW Beetle,never had this issue before.


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