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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Aston Martin’s birthday present to itself is this new CC100 concept car. Based on a V12 Vantage, only two will be built (one for the factory and one for a customer).

    Aston Martin claims that the styling is partly a homage to the 1959 DBR1 which won Le Mans and partly an indication of future models. In any case, you may want a helmet and some warm clothes…

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    You can imagine, can’t you, the kind of comments going on in “the other place”…

    “What’s the point”, “more money than sense” “style over substance” “it looks like every other Aston over the last 100 years”, “someone will be spinning in their grave”.

    I say, what the hell, why not? I hope the fortunate purchaser reads the blog on alloy wheel cleaning, because they won’t want to get those beauties mucked up.

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    Interesting, if a little bulbous toward the front. Wonder how it passed side impact regulations…

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    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”></div>Interesting, if a little bulbous toward the front.

    Where have you seen that before??? Fnaarr. Yoik!

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    It’s not homologated for road use, as far as I know. So side impact regulations wouldn’t be an issue.

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