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DS 3 lease – “in stock” doesn’t actually mean in stock

Home Forums Car finance DS 3 lease – “in stock” doesn’t actually mean in stock

This topic contains 1 reply, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 2 years, 8 months ago.

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    Hi all
    Background – I have leased a DS3 happily through my current lease company for three years and had to return the car on 30th Sept. I started arranging another DS3 about 6 weeks ago however the current company couldn’t provide a car until mid november, 2 other companies also had me fill in finace forms only to be told afterwards that late november was the earliest I could get the car.
    Came across Nationwide Vehicle Contracts online on 20th Sept and found another DS3 in-stock for a reasonable price so ordered it through the website. Sales advisor ed me on 22nd Sept and was advised that the colour combination (black/white roof) I ordered would take longer to order however they had a black/black roof in stock which I could have asap. I ordered same day via the acceptance link on their website. I completed the finance details required and got acceptance almost immediately, paid the £180 they needed to kick off the order and ed a copy of my driving license all in the same day. Didn’t hear anything for a few days so I called reminding them that they said this could be processed asap.
    On 28th Sept received a text message from Nationwide saying that expected delivery to the dealer is the end of October and delivery to me should be within 14 days of then. Have ed and called them since asking why if the car is in-stock do I have to wait up to 6 weeks for delivery…… always get the same answer which is “We advise on our terms and conditions that until the dealer confirms the order that it is subject to change along with prices.”
    I was prepared for a few weeks without a vehicle……however 6 weeks is not acceptable. now face 5 hours total commute a day on bus/train. I would not have ordered the car if I knew that “as the car is in stock we can get this to you in a few weeks” meant nothing at all.
    Do they have some obligations to get a vehicle for me asap? Can I demand a refund?
    ….where do I stand?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Anthony. Well, the leasing company can’t magic up a vehicle if one does not exist, so there is no point trying to insist that they supply one ASAP. However, you should be able to get a refund if they are not able to deliver what they promised.

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