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    Like a fine vintage wine I am looking for a future classic to lay down in a barn as a gamble investment. Spending under £4k what would you buy. My thought is to wait a couple of years and buy a 3.2 Audi TT with low miles and good bodywork for about £3k. Leave for 20 years and see. Any other ideas?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    The BMW Z4 is now starting to hover at about that level. Or you could be brave and for a BMW 8-series. The thought of trying to deal with the complex electrics and electronics in 20 years is terrifying.

    The problem with Audis and BMWs is that there are now simply so many of them around, it’s hard to know if the rare real gems will ever truly appreciate. Maybe something like a pre-GM Saab 900 could be a good bet.

    An Alfa 156 may not be completely silly, either. Beautiful car, common enough for spares to be plentiful but rare enough to be something very unusual in future years.

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    I might just be a bit biased, but i reckon future classic status is guaranteed for the Vauxhall Monaro. An MG ZT V8 should be a pretty good bet too.
    Soft tops are a good bet too. A Nissan 350Z cabriolet would be a good bet.
    The truth is though, all these cars need to be driven

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    Alfa is a good shout but I think people really want cabriolets as classic cars, I didn’t like the last spider and this one is too expensive.

    The TT has real design provenance but as you say there are bucket loads of them.

    I think an 80s merc SL also might be a good idea.

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    Something with a Wankel engine.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Something with a Wankel engine.

    Yeah, RX-8s are already in that price range. You may not be able to afford the petrol to run it in 20 years’ time, though.

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