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Humour me – find your inner female…

Home Forums Any Other Business Humour me – find your inner female…

This topic contains 3 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Avatar – none – 6 years, 2 months ago.

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    – none –

    ….so Mr LG is in London tonight, LG Jnr is asleep, the dog is snoring and i’m browsing Autotrader which is always bad news. :)

    Situation is as follows LG Jnr is now 11 months old, using a very small pushchair and the total sum of gubbins I carry round for him are the aforementioned (very small) pushchair, a changing bag and every now and again a small coolbag of food for him. I, myself carry a small handbag and that’s it.

    Therefore, in my head, i’m starting to reason that the (incredibly boring) Mazda’s days might be numbered. Realistically, I know it’s probably not feasible for a couple of years but this is where you lovely people might humour me just a little (or give me hope).

    Imagine being in my shoes (perhaps without boobs, unless that helps you) – your passion is convertible cars, RWD with a nice shunt of power but not too much. Imaginary budget is £20k – you tend to prefer cars that are designed to be convertible rather than existing cars that the manufacturer decided to chop the roof off of.

    Your car needs to have ISOFIX, a reasonable safety rating, a boot capable of carrying the gubbins mentioned earlier and be around the £20k mark. No older than 3 years as i’d (you’d) like to buy it with some of the original warranty still in place.

    I (you) like leather/heated seats, an electric roof and a manual gearbox if possible. Sat nav/phone prep is lovely but not necessary (can be retrofitted).

    I think that’s it. The only car that seems to tick all the boxes at the moment is the BMW Z4 – it’s also in budget but there must be something else that does the job.

    Thanks for your ideas

    LG :)

  • #4311 Reply
    – none –

    Oh and I might have put the pushchair/changing bag etc into the back of a Z4 today just to ensure it all fits – it does.

    I didn’t look the slightest bit bonkers on the BMW forecourt today – obviously! :)

  • #4428 Reply
    – none –

    I guess no one has an inner female?

    As for advice, well i couldn’t even begin to imagine what car would be best for you as I don’t know which convertables have isofix for a start! The only convertable I can think of is the predictable MX5.. ticks all the boxes. An older choice would be a MR2 (Or should that be Mrs2…)

    I did imagine having boobs, but that hindered my thought proccess…

  • #4447 Reply
    – none –

    Afternoon. I guess you wanted some alternative suggestions, so here’s a magnificent one from left field – a Maserati Spyder GT. I’m unable to confirm on the ISOFIX issue, but there is a fine 2003 example on Autotrader with change from £16k. Stunning, and a 4.2 V8 knocks spots off anything in a Z4 this side of the M version.

    For the avoidance of doubt, when I sign off as LG, I am neither of the aforementioned LG Senior or LG Junior. I remain, simply, LG.


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