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New Ford Fiesta, no delivery date. What are my rights?

Home Forums Car finance New Ford Fiesta, no delivery date. What are my rights?


This topic contains 1 reply, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 2 years, 7 months ago.

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    I am hoping you can kindly offer me some advice, please!

    Monday of last week, I signed an order for a brand new (already built) Ford Fiesta ST-2 with some extras (on PCP). I spoke to the my local dealer on Sunday of last week, and came back for a deeper discussion on Monday in which I learnt that one of the dealer’s partner networks had an ST-2 in stock which was in Southampton (they are quite sought after cars, hence difficult to get ahold of unless built which has has a 12-week lead time). This resulted in me proceeding with the order. So not local, but one was built and could be delivered. While the delivery was outstanding, I could use my car and hand it in when collecting my new car.

    I am part-exchanging my current car which already has some finance outstanding which they have dissolved into my new deal for the Fiesta ST-2 (similarly a PCP deal) and will pay the settlement figure.

    There were a couple of defects on my car which I agreed to fix before handing it back since they said it would take a week or so to get the ST-2 to themselves. I was originally told *today* (Monday the 3rd of October) but I reminded the salesman that I would need to get the defects fixed with the last one being done tomorrow. So we agreed Wednesday (he suggested Monday might be a little tight anyway).

    I rang him on Saturday to confirm that Wednesday is still going ahead when I was met with “we are trying to arrange transport to get the car to us in time for then.” OK I thought… he’d ring me Monday morning to let me know the outcome. This morning comes… nothing. I ring him just after midday and the reason he hadn’t rang me yet was because no update but he is due to find out between 3pm and 4pm and will let me know. at 4:49pm I have a phone call “Still haven’t heard anything so Wednesday is too short notice I’m afraid and you won’t be getting the car then.” So when? “I should have a clearer answer in the next day or two.” So Wednesday afternoon will be the day I will find out, after it should have been delivered.

    I’m extremely angry. I may be sounding impatient, but the car is ready and just needs to be transported here. I have no idea on delivery date, and I am completely in the dark as far as I am concerned. I do not want to cancel the order (and not sure what rights I have) but the first payment is due at the end of October. I need my current car finance settled before then so I do not have two end of month payments and I am essentially paying for something I do not have.

    What are my rights to demand the car be here by the weekend? I sent a politely worded to that effect. But the more I think about it, the angrier I get and that is when I usually send stronger worded s.

    I just want my new car! Any advice what I can say to the dealer? All advice is appreciated.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I think they’re just being a bit slack in keeping you informed of progress, and there’s probably no cause for concern. There’s always horse trading when swapping cars around between different dealers, and the admin staff at either end are never as interested in processing jobs for other dealers compared to those for their own sales staff breathing down their necks every day.

    You shouldn’t have any payments for your finance until a month after you take delivery, as the contract won’t be activated until the car is registered and ready for delivery. So if you get the car on October 15, your first payment should be somewhere around 15 November.

    Editor, TheCarExpert.co.uk and

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