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Rejecting my new car

Home Forums Buying a Car Rejecting my new car

This topic contains 1 reply, has 0 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Tony 9 months ago.

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    Mark Pullen

    Hi I was wondering if you could help. I have a brand new Mercedes AMG GTS (first Owner) that I took deliver of November 2017 that is littered with faults I.E faulty infotainment system, keyless entry fault, faulty exhaust system, rattles the list goes on all have been documented at dealers and video evidence is availible, the rattles started to happen after around 20 days of ownership so was booked into a local dealer not the supplying dealer however they was made aware. Mercedes local to me had the car for a month trying to rectify the rattles and they said they could not fix them, then the car went to the supplying dealer who had the car for 3 months however the issue is still un resolved. I have been having very lengthy arguments with them as I have tried to reject the car. They have come back and said they won’t accept the car back and neither will Mercedes finance. I have since had 2 independent reports done on the car that have deemed the car of unsatisfactory quality and the supplying dealer or Mercedes finance are still not accepting this, they have basically told me to go away and not them, I have ed both the UK and Germany CEO and at the moment they have come back with nothing, I resubmitted the inspections to the CEOs yesterday hoping they will look at it at a different angle now they have these so we will have to wait for that. At the moment its with the Ombudsman who now have the 2 reports. Any advice for me please and what I can do next. I will take this matter to court if I need to, I have also spoken with a sign company who will do me some signs up so I can park the car outside there dealership if need be.

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    Another big company vs consumer problem.
    If no one is listening to you go onto mass media I.e.,Facebook etc. Naming and shaming the dealership .
    They shouldn’t be able to take peoples money for goods not fit for purpose. The car sound like it is a lemon right back from when it was purchased.
    Legally I’m afraid I have no idea how to help you.
    Good luck with it

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