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Mazda 3 test drive

Boasting value for money, stunning looks and an impressive driving experience, the new Mazda 3 has everything to keep up with the best in its class.

Reality check: Is Brexit making car finance more expensive?

Media reports in the last few days claim that Brexit is responsible for driving up the price of cars and the cost of PCP car finance. But is that actually true?

Geneva debut for potent Peugeot 508 hybrid

Peugeot will unveil the second and most potent hybrid version of its 508 saloon at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Toyota Corolla review

Toyota has revived the Corolla name with a great package. This is a car with an eco-friendly hybrid drivetrain that offers plenty of space and looks good.

New Ford Focus ST revealed

One of the most anticipated cars of 2019 has broken cover, with the Ford Focus ST revealed to the world ahead of the Geneva motor show.

Kia extends scrappage deal as part of Spring offers

Kia has announced an extension and some changes to its scrappage scheme, as well as a range of other discounts and offers, for cars sold and registered by the end of June.

Previously only available on Picanto and Rio, the scrappage scheme will now be offered on Picanto, the all-new Stonic compact SUV and remaining stock of the run-out Cee’d hatchback. Rio models are no longer eligible.

Customers can receive £2,000 off the price of one of these new models when they scrap a qualifying part-exchange car that is at least seven years old. Terms and conditions apply, and we’ve checked the fine print for you below.

Hybrid offers

To help promote its range of hybrid models at a time when interest in hybrids is at an all-time high, Kia is offering a hybrid test drive incentive until the end of June.

Any customer who test drives the Niro (either the hybrid or plug-in hybrid version) or Optima plug-in hybrid will receive £1,000 off if they decide to purchase the car.

Finance offers on SUV models

Kia is offering a deposit contribution of up to £1,500 on Sportage and Stonic when purchased on a personal contract purchase (PCP).

On Sportage, the deposit contribution is £500 for the grade ‘1’ model, customers wanting a grade ‘2’ or above with a petrol engine will receive a £1,250 deposit contribution. Those purchasing a grade ‘2’ or above with a diesel engine will receive a £1,500 deposit contribution.

For the Stonic, the deposit contribution on PCP finance contracts has increased from £1,000 to £1,500 and is available on all grades and engines.

The newly-updated Sorento enjoys a deposit contribution of £2,000, available on all models.

Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton
Michael graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in Human, Social, and Political Sciences. He contributes to both The Executivecondominium and The Van Expert.

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Geneva debut for potent Peugeot 508 hybrid

Peugeot will unveil the second and most potent hybrid version of its 508 saloon at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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