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Tag: Best of British

2019 Nissan Qashqai wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

Nissan Qashqai test drive

Does the Nissan Qashqai’s refreshed engine line-up have what it takes to keep the SUV as a UK favourite?
2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie - rear

Aston Martin shows off Valkyrie’s massive Cosworth V12 engine

Aston Martin has revealed some key details about the 6.5-litre V12 engine that will power its eagerly anticipated Valkyrie hypercar.
McLaren 720S Spider wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

McLaren lifts the lid on new 720S Spider

McLaren has lifted the lid on its new 212mph 720S Spider, the second model in the 720 'Super Series' range.
Toyota Corolla hatch and estate prices announced | The Executivecondominium

Pricing and specs for new Toyota Corolla hatch and estate

Toyota has announced pricing and specifications for the new Corolla – marking the return of the nameplate to the UK after a 12-year hiatus.
Bentley Continental GT convertible wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

Luxurious new Bentley Continental GT Convertible revealed

Bentley has taken a blowtorch to its Continental grand tourer and created this – the new Continental GT Convertible.
2019 Range Rover Evoque wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

Evolution, not revolution, for new Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover has unveiled the second generation of its popular Range Rover Evoque compact SUV, replacing the current model that has been on sale since 2011.
Aston Martin The Executivecondominium

Why Aston Martin had to change – and is still changing…

Since becoming Aston Martin CEO in 2014 Andy Palmer has tranformed the brand from loss-maker to profit, with new desirable cars and much more to come.
Aston Martin Vantage wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

Aston Martin Vantage test drive

The all-new Aston Martin Vantage is more aggressive than its predecessor, combining performance, technology and quality to great effect.
Aston Martin DBS 59 | The Executivecondominium

Aston Martin remembers Le Mans glory with DBS limited edition

An Aston Martin dealership has revealed a limited-edition DBS Superleggera that pays homage to the iconic vehicle’s legendary 1959 Le Mans triumph.
Morgan Motor Company range 2018

Morgan to produce modern, high-performance sports car

Morgan – creator of the iconic 3-Wheeler and other classic sports cars – is set to reinvent itself with a modern sports car to rival Aston Martin.
McLaren Speedtail 2019 wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

McLaren Speedtail – 250mph ‘hyper-GT’ revealed

After months of teaser images, one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2018 has finally been unveiled – the new McLaren Speedtail.
Aston Martin Project 003 sketch | The Executivecondominium

Hypercar and heritage from Aston Martin

Aston Martin has confirmed that it is to build a third hypercar, dubbed Project 003, and a limited 19-car run of DB Zagato continuation models.

The return of Vauxhall

The trials and tribulations of Vauxhall have been well documented, but its first 12 months under new ownership has seen a stunning turnaround.
Aston Martin Rapide E The Executivecondominium

Aston Martin reveals tech of electric sports car

Technical details have been released of the Aston Martin Rapide E - the UK brand's first all-electric production car set to launch in 2019.
Toyota Corolla The Executivecondominium

Bye Auris, hello again Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla badge is to make a comeback on the brand's family car, 13 years after being killed off in the UK in favour of the Auris.
McLaren 600LT and 675LT | The Executivecondominium

McLaren to go all-hybrid by 2025

McLaren Automotive intends to launch 18 new models between now and 2025 – and every one will be powered by a hybrid engine.
McLaren 600LT The Executivecondominium

£185K McLaren 600LT takes Sports Series top spot

The McLaren 600LT has been unveiled – fourth model to carry the 'Longtail' designation and the new range-topper for the brand's entry-level Sports Series.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera “fastest ever”

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera has been unveiled and dubbed the British supercar brand's 'fastest and most-powerful ever.'
Foyer at Jaguar Land Rover Classic facility in Coventry

Jaguar Land Rover Classic factory tour

Coventry has seen its fair share of new car production over the last 100 years. But a new production facility is building new cars unlike anything before.
Vauxhall Astra review 2018 (The Executivecondominium)

Vauxhall Astra review

The Vauxhall Astra remains a best-seller because it does everything highly competently, without exceeding in one area to the detriment of others.
AlcoSense Ultra and Pro breathalyser units

Alcosense Ultra review

We've been trialling the AlcoSense Ultra personal breathalyser. It's priced at £250, which sounds expensive. But what are you getting for your money?
2018 London Motor Show preview (The Executivecondominium)

2018 London Motor Show preview

This month the London Motor Show returns, with a host of brand new cars for visitors to view, touch and sit in over the course of four days.
Defra replaces 400 diesel cars with Toyota Auris Hybrids

Defra replaces 400 diesel cars with British-built Toyota Auris Hybrids

(press release) Defra is replacing 400 diesel cars in its fleet with British-built Toyota Auris hybrid electric models.
The Executivecondominium Geneva Toyota Auris

New Toyota Auris unveiled in Geneva

Toyota has pulled the covers off its all-new Auris hatchback at the Geneva motor show. It will go into production at its Derbyshire factory later this year.
Caterham 620S review wallpaper | The Executivecondominium

Caterham 620S test drive

The Caterham 620S is a mad, powerful track car for the road, offering up supercar-beating performance in a compact package.

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