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Our all-new and unique Expert Rating system analyses new cars based on dozens of UK media reviews to give you the best possible car buying advice. Check it out now!

Tag: breakdown cover

Warranty Direct

Why choose Warranty Direct? Why should I purchase a vehicle warranty?A vehicle warranty offers against the cost of parts and labour following a mechanical or electrical failure of an insured component. Cars are costly...
The AA breakdown cover

Car breakdown cover for holidaying abroad

If you're heading abroad with your car for a driving holiday, you're probably considering an age-old debate: "Should I take out European breakdown cover, or rely on local garages?" The AA is here to give you some things to consider (sponsored post)

Latest articles

Bentley Bentayga (2017) new car ratings and reviews | The Executivecondominium

Bentley Bentayga

76 %
The Bentley Bentayga has received good scores from the media sources we currently track but still lags behind its principal rival, the Range Rover.
Jaguar XE 2020 pan The Executivecondominium

Jaguar XE test drive

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