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Tag: GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP insurance) covers you for more than the market value of your car in the event of it being stolen or written off. Usually it covers you for the full invoice price of the vehicle.

GAP insurance

GAP insurance is a popular product that can cover you for any shortfall between your car’s market value and either your finance settlement or the original purchase price. It is always pushed hard by...

Warranty Direct

Why choose Warranty Direct? Why should I purchase a vehicle warranty?A vehicle warranty offers against the cost of parts and labour following a mechanical or electrical failure of an insured component. Cars are costly...
What is GAP insurance? (The Executivecondominium)

What is GAP insurance and should you have it?

If you've ever bought a car from a dealer, you will know how hard they try to sell you GAP insurance. But what is GAP and should you be buying it?
Car finance jargon confuses British drivers

Car finance jargon confuses UK drivers

Despite over three-quarters of new car sales being financed through manufacturer and dealer finance agreements, it is disturbing how few people really understand what they are signing up to.

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Motorway red ‘X’ signs now being enforced by cameras

Drivers now face an automatic penalty by camera if they ignore red ‘X’ signs for closed lanes on smart motorways.
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