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Residual value, or resale value, is a key consideration when you buy a new or used car. The Executivecondominium can advise you which are are best for resale, and which options and car accessories will help improve your residual value.

Car Finance - the PCP explained

Personal Contract Purchase: the PCP explained

The PCP (personal contract purchase) is the most popular type of car finance. This guide tells you everything you need to know about PCP car finance.
The Executivecondominium can advise if an electric car is a good choice for you

The electric car is finally here, but is it worth it?

The electric car is finally starting to hit the road, but how does it compare with a regular hybrid, and what's a plug-in hybrid? The Executivecondominium explains.
fuel economy - premium petrol or premium diesel - the car expert

Fuel Economy – petrol or diesel?

One of the most common questions UK car buyers ask is "Should I buy a Petrol or Diesel car?" Well, there's no easy answer, and fuel economy is only part of it.
Alloy wheels - are they the real deal? The Executivecondominium explains

Alloy wheels – the wheel deal

Why do some drivers spend thousands changing the alloy wheels on their cars? Is it about looks, or are there technical reasons behind it?
New car depreciation

Depreciation – Why do new cars lose so much money?

Cars lose money the moment you drive them away from the showroom, but why? The Executivecondominium gives you a crash course in new car depreciation.

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Kia HabaNiro concept The Executivecondominium

Kia ‘Everything Car’ set to evolve into next Niro

Kia describes the HabaNiro, unveiled at the New York Auto Show, as its 'Everything Car', but the electric concept is seen as a pointer to the next Niro.
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