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The top five Alfa Romeo models for 2014

This article is brought to you by Alfa Romeo.

Car manufacturers are notoriously secretive about their plans for the future. This is not unreasonable. Nobody wants to invest huge sums of money into research and development only to find their ideas already crowding another brand’s forecourt.

Alfa Romeo is such a company and it is in the process of rebuilding its empire. New cars are discussed, product plans change, rumours circulate and then everything goes quiet. So what Alfa Romeo models can we expect for 2014?

Leading the charge is the superb new 4C, and customers can expect the sports car to be a hot seller next year. In addition, there’s the already established Mito and family-sized Giulietta. The future, though, is in a state of flux. Obviously, there will be new cars but what and, indeed, when? These are the questions that Alfa Romeo disciples the world over want answered.

1. Alfa Romeo Giulia

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia concept sketch
Will the Giulia look anything like this concept?

The car that really matters for the important mid-sized premium saloon market is the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia, which is set to go up against rivals like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class models.

This is the planned replacement for the Alfa 159 saloon – possibly one of the beautiful car designs in history – and had been scheduled to commence production in 2014.

The latest rumour suggests this timeframe has now been put back at least a year, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for news in 2014. Despite being delayed more often than UK railway lines during a snowfall, it should be well worth the wait when it finally arrives.

2. Alfa Romeo Mito

2014 Alfa Romeo Mito and GiuliettaThe quirky and successful Mito, fitting comfortably into the sector for small hatchback cars will continue, as will the Giulietta; although both cars will be refreshed.

The 2014 model Mito will come in four flavours – Sprint, Distinctive, Sportiva and the range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde. Buyers can choose between three petrol and two diesel engines including a new turbocharged TwinAir. The larger car will be similarly specified.

3. Alfa’s secret new roadster

2014 Alfa Romeo Spider prototype
MX-5/Spider mule in testing

Alfa Romeo has big plans elsewhere too. There will be a roadster (hopefully resurrecting the famous ‘Spider’ name) in 2015 – although we may see it at next year’s motor shows.

The new roadster is a joint project with Mazda, and will share about 40% of its componentry with the next Mazda MX-5. The plan is to channel the essence of the famous 1960s Duetto Spider, as made famous when driven by Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate.

4. Alfa’s secret new SUV

Alfa Romeo Kamal concept
Additionally, rumour has it that a ‘crossover’, a mid-sized SUV and a large SUV are all on the cards at some stage.

The last time we saw anything like that from Alfa was in 2003 with the well-received ‘Kamal’ concept, although the final production version of the mid-size SUV will apparently not resemble the earlier vehicle.

5. Alfa’s secret new saloon

Alfa Romeo Gloria concept
2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria concept

Arguably, the most important model as far as the company is concerned will be the planned big saloon. Just now the German brands pretty much have this market to themselves and a beautifully designed Italian car is just what’s needed to shake that sector up.

Originally a version of the hugely desirable Ghibli from sister company Maserati was planned but this idea is being reviewed. We’ll just have to wait and see. Certainly the new 4C, and the stunning 8C Competizione before it, were based on a close working relationship between the two Fiat subsidiaries, so maybe an Alfa Romeo flagship based on Maserati’s junior saloon would be a win-win partnership.

The future for Alfa Romeo then looks promising, but it doesn’t really help us now. For performance car enthusiasts, the 4C is the answer to everything you ever dreamed of; and for supermini fans and small families, the two hatchbacks certainly fit the bill.

Obviously, there’s still a good selection of choice. With numerous model variations within the ranges the choice goes up, each with its own characteristics; so really there’s still something for everyone from Alfa Romeo until we see what 2014 finally has in store.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C junior supercar

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
This article was brought to you by Alfa Romeo. Without heart, we are mere machines.

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  1. I think Alfas lost its way with not having a 159 replacement. The marketing and sales people must be tearing their hair out. Alfa won hard fought sales from Audi and BMW only to push their customers back there when they had no product to offer. Why not keep the 159 going and available in the UK (limited range and to special order if necessary) while they sort out its replacement ?

    Alfa Romeo – Remember your heritage and who stuck with you when times were hard. Fiat dumped Lancia customers in the UK when it suited them and had no spares back ups so expect the same from Alfa. How long will the dealer network continue to support the 159 now its an obsolete model ?

    How does a big future Alfa fit alongside a small Maserati ?

    I love my 159 Ti which I have had from new in 2009. I am now out of the 2-3 year business buy / lease habit so a mega priced replacement may not be sensible.

    An Alfa SUV might be interesting.

  2. For those Countries where the auto-industry is in demise I look to all RHD markets, particularly Britain and Australia/NZ, to look into the possibilities of converting to LHD. In this way both imports and exports should become cheaper and skilled employment boosted.
    Fiat were a contender in Australia in the mid 70’s with the proposition of beef for cars and an intention to produce locally.

    Please investigate the cost benefits World wide.

  3. I had 2 Alfa 2000 years ago when I was living in France. Nice motors, brakes, incredible stability. Many weak points. The worst was the quality of the sales network outside Italy. Repair was not reliable.
    The new Saloon picture is amazing. If Alfa will produce it starting with a not too expensive motor I am dreaming of buying it. I could not afford an Alfa with a Maserati 4 liter motor.
    Now I have a 2 litre AUDI A4 Turbo. I would love to have a new Alfa 2.200 – 2.500 liter Saloon.

  4. Let’s hope Alfa Romeo get back on deck with some quality cars that reflect the classic design lines of the cars from the 60’s. The Italians have always created cars of great beauty with engines forged with passion. As an Alfa Romeo owner I sincerely hope Fiat move forward with the iconic brand.

  5. I am saddened by the shear volume of GERMAN cars and the distinct lack of models from Alfa Romeo , your statement that with out heart we are mere machine’s does not ring true as both Alfa Romeo and Fiat seem to have lost the heart drive and passion to make any in roads into the GERMAN domination across a wide spectrum of the car sector .Although the German products seem to to have many thinking that they have purchased a superior product many do not know that is a marketing ploy and not the reality in terms of automotive engineering . So it is well passed time for FIAT to pull its self out of the doldrums and start to produce and deliver products that are truly a product equally as good if not better than the old rehashed Vorkspruntechquie.


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