Dodge Avenger launch 2007
Lots of new Dodge Avenger models lined up in the Spanish sun at the launch in 2007. Three years later the brand in the UK was dead. Photo: Andrew Charman

Designing and producing a new car model is a very expensive business, so you would think manufacturers these days would do all they can to make sure they get it right. They try very hard, but far more often one might think, they get it very wrong.

The recent history of the automotive industry is littered with failed models, launched on a wave of optimism, journalists flown to exotic places to test drive them, only for the car to make no impression on buyers and be abandoned, sometimes in as little as two years. Sometimes the car in question has a major flaw, sometimes it’s just bad all over, and just occasionally it’s a great idea at the wrong time.

We’ve chosen ten of the most memorable automotive failures – there are quite a few more…

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